2018 July

Best Hit AKG Official Bootleg IMO

Tracks Entrance Yuusetsu Loop&Loop Microphone Understand Science Fiction Kimi to Iu Hana Kaigan Doori Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat Road Movie Gokurakuji Heartbreak Yes Shiro ni Somero Inamuragasaki Jane Sayonara Lost Generation

Best Hit AKG Official Bootleg HONE

Tracks Angou no Waltz Siren Neoteny Mafuyu no Dansu Mugen Glider Kakuu Seibutsu no Blues Gekkou Tightrope Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu Mada Minu Ashita ni Blackout No Name Shinseiki no Love Song Eien ni Atarashii Sekai

Best Hit AKG 2

Track Yoru wo Koete Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase All right part2 Soredewa, Mata Ashita Anemone no Saku Haru Ni Ima wo Ikite Rolling Stone Standard Easter Planet of The Apes Wonder Future Right Now Blood Circulator Rewrite Re:Re: Kaigan Doori Seija no March

AKG BOX 20th Anniversary Edition

A compilation of 12 releases by Asian Kung-Fu Generation. DISC 1 — ‘Houkai Amplifier’ (EP, 2003) DISC 2 — ‘Kimi Tsunagi Five M’ (LP, 2003) DISC 3 — ‘Sol-Fa’ (LP, 2004) DISC 4 — ‘Funclub’ (LP, 2006) DISC 5 — ‘Feedback File’ (Compilation, 2006) DISC 6 — ‘World World World’ (LP, 2008) DISC 7 —… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2014

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2014” is just like what the Nano Mugen Compilations were at first : a regular CD with Asian Kung-Fu Generation doing the opening. The song “Standard” (スタンダード) has been used for Nikkon ads. Tracks Standard Rutensuru Sekai [The Chef Cooks Me] Mirai he no Spiral [Good Morning America] Something Ever After [The… read more »

Feedback File 2

“Feedback File 2” (フィードバックファイル2) is slightly different than “Feedback File” (フィードバックファイル), it features B-sides CD singles plus the songs from “Nano Mugen Compilation 2006” to “Nano Mugen Compilation 2012” and two exclusives songs “Rolling Stone” (ローリングストーン) and “Slow Down” (スローダウン), given at their 10th Anniversary of their debut concert held in Yokohama Stadium. Tracks Rolling… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2013

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2013” is released with less bands and songs than the two previous Nano Mugen Compilation. A cover of the song “Loser” fully sang in Japanese is a premiere in Asian Kung-Fu Generation history. Tracks Loser My Lost City [Cero] Tekiyou Na Yami [The Chef Cooks Me] Rainbow [Dr.Downer] Hanataba [Ai Iwasaki] Stars… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2012

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2012” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2011” did with two more bands and songs. This time Asian Kung-Fu Generation is only doing the opening in the compilation with “Yoru wo Koete” (夜を越えて). Tracks Yoru wo Koete Flanging Sun [Bloodthirsty Butchers] Alterna Girlfriend [Chara] Yes Or No Or Love [Chatmonchy] Pascal & Electus… read more »

Best Hit AKG

“Best Hit AKG” is a CD album compilation made of their greatest hit released. Mainly created to let the new generation aware of who is Asian Kung-Fu Generation, it was also released in Europe for the European market and target a new market outside Japan where their full discography can only be imported from Japan…. read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2011

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2011” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2009” did with more bands and songs, so much more that it comes with 2 Cds, Asian Kung-Fu Generation doing the opening and ending of the compilation respectively with “Allright part 2” and “Hikari” (ひかり). Tracks All right part2 Arcadia [Ash] Back On My Feet [Boom… read more »