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Nano Mugen Compilation 2009

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2009” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2008” did with more bands and songs and Asian Kung-Fu Generation is opening the compilation with “Yoru no Call “(夜のコール). A limited edition featured a T-shirt “signed” by the band. Tracks Yoru no Call Zak And Sara [Ben Folds] Stereotypes [Farrah] Oats We Sow [Gregory and… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2008

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2008” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2006” did with more bands and songs and Asian Kung-Fu Generation is opening the compilation with “Natsuzemi “(夏蝉). Tracks Natsuzemi Sayonara 90’s [Analog Fish] Ato Jubyo De [Art-School] You Can’t Have It All [Ash] Mr. Feather [Ellegarden] All Time Lows [Hellogoodbye] Do The Panic [Phantom Planet]… read more »

Feedback File

“Feedback File” (フィードバックファイル) is a CD compilation album gathering nine of their previously released B-sides CD singles, plus two exclusive tracks “Kaiga Kyoshitsu ” (絵画教室) and “Dodomeguri no Yoru” (堂々巡りの夜). Also, five lives tracks are featured in the compilation. Tracks Entrance Rocket N°4 Kaiga Kyoushitsu Siren#2 Yuugure no Aka Hold me Tight (2) Road Movie… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation 2006

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2006” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation” (of year 2005) did but this time Asian Kung-Fu Generation is opening the compilation with “Junni Shinhou no Yukei “(十二進法の夕景) and its tracklist has more songs and bands. Tracks Juuni Shinhou no Yuukei Another Time/Another Story [Beat Crusaders] Ren’ai Spirits [Chatmonchy] Change [Dream State] Stereoman [Ellegarden]… read more »

Nano Mugen Compilation

“Nano Mugen Compilation” (of year 2005) is a CD compilation with specific tracks of various bands who are going to play the following CD’s release month at the “Nano Mugen Festival”. Since 2006, Asian Kung-Fu Generation always starts the compilation with a new song. The only exception comes from this compilation with “Blackout” (ブラックアウト) being… read more »

Blood Circulator

Blood Circulator (ブラッドサーキュレーター) is a song composed and written after a request from Pierrot studio for the last Naruto Shippuden opening. Gotch declared in an interview that, between Sol-Fa 2016 album and Gotch second solo album recording, he had no time to doing it. However, Haruka Kanata being a song which allowed them to be… read more »


Tracks Re:Re: Time Traveler

Right Now

Tracks Right Now Eternal Sunshine (live) Shinkokyuu (live) Wonder Future (live)


“Easter” (復活祭), is the twentieth CD single. The song was recorded in the Foo Fighters Studio 606, in L.A and mixed in T.N at Rock Falcon Studio. Kensuke Kita is singing for the second time in the song “Seaside Sleeping”. Tracks Easter Parallel World Seaside Sleeping