2018 August

All right part2

In the morning An arm of a sofa in a living room A sleeping cat And a statue of the dog named Edy Making strong coffe the first thing Adding more sugar Bitter words don’t like it Lying in a tight corner Say goodbye to wobbly afternoon Release your mind Sing All right The left… read more »

[News] Boys & Girls Single 26-09-2018

Reference KSCL-3094 Release Date September 26 2018 Tracks Boys & Girls Shukujitsu Limited Edition [DVD] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION America Tour Documentary Pt.1 (Tokyo to Los Angeles)

Boys & Girls

Tracks Boys & Girls Shukujitsu

After Dark

Run away before the shadows from my back fully lengthens Unaware of my clipped wing I fly away Street corners, sweet odors, salivating enviously From far off beyond Howls I recognize from somewhere Riding on faint hope brought in by the night breeze How far can we go? As if to repel, the world shakes… read more »

A to Z

ABCで書き殴れもっと EFGの英知だけずっと IJKじゃ得るモノはないか MNOがピークならキューを RST 憂鬱だよ いつも VW エンジンふかそうか XYZ 足りない文字数が ABCに戻るしかない ふりだしの迷路に立って ハツカネズミ達の悲しいダンス 出口なしの迷路に立って 踊り続けるのさ はぐれないように 沿道の ブラインドの間を突き抜ける声と ジ・エンドのようなイベントと その間を すり抜ける粒子たちよ XYZ 足りない文字数が ABCに戻るしかないか TPP知らないで食えるのか? CPZを観ているほうがいいか? ふりだしの迷路に立って ハツカネズミ達の悲しいダンス 出口なしの迷路に立って 踊り続けるのさ はぐれないように 沿道の ブラインドの間を突き抜ける声と ジ・エンドのようなイベントと その間を すり抜ける粒子たちよ


Tribute album recorded by different Japanese musicians. Tracks amazarashi — Natsu no Hi, Zanzou KANA-BOON — Kimi to Iu Hana Creepy Nuts — Rewrite the chef cooks me — Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase Scenario Art — Maigoinu to Ame no Beat Jin — Re:Re: BLUE ENCOUNT — Understand never young beach — Kimi no… read more »

Solanin songbook

The compilation of songs from the movie ‘Solanin’. Tracks Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu GOING UNDER GROUND — Onaji Tsuki wo Miteta tacica — Jinchou Aika LOST IN TIME — Kibou fujifabric — Akaoshoku no Kinmokusei Кадзуёси Накамура — Seven Stars Supercar — Lucky concentrate on popping — Sora… read more »

Whatch You Gonna Do? Under Flower Compilation vol. 6

The compilation of UNDER FLOWER label artists. It was the first label Asian Kung-Fu Generation was singed to. Tracks Summer Rhyme — Affection Asian Kung-Fu Generation — 12 Softtouch — Pinpoint Strawberry — Daydream All Tomorrow’s Party — Crayon, Spoon Speedway Baby — She Waterfall Flows — Slow Contact — Hachimitsu no Hana POP-N —… read more »

I’m Standing Here

Third and the last indie album. Released on 30 November 2001. Tracks Hold Me Tight Need Your Love Konayuki Unmei I’m Standing Here E

The Time Past and I Could Not See You Again

Second indie album. Release in 2000. All songs are in English. Tracks I Wonder If Everybody Can Sing Their Scream Nothing Is the Matter? Living Dead Wash Out Say No! My Friend