2019 November

Seija no March

In the afternoon The sun dried my wet cheeeks and Quietly traced the indefinite contours of theese passionate days   Just by being there I just firmly pull you close Embrace you for no reason Until it all ends   From the hill on the outskirts of town where we accompanied the monochrome funeral procession… read more »

Hajimari no Kisetsu

The sunrise glow forces its way Trough the loose knit fabric of the apartment and burns Today stealthily moves in and Lets out a red colored laugh That was what saved me somehow   I don’t have decades On years left in me Become invisible and drift around the window   Even then, there were… read more »


Learning of the city’s absurdity, Yellow lets it slide Just stand in the back allies of daily sliently and get out of here   Finding out about the city’s absurdity, Yellow lets it slide Blindly obey him and laugh awkwardly   Those that raised their voice huddling on a small island If you don’t know… read more »

Haikyo no Kioku

A voice too blurry to be called a memory Swept trough the main streets and reached his ears   Things of the past forgotten long ago Will surely arise And eventually leave   Freedom that children forgot to solve Faces quite like yours Plastic cars Reasons that adults gave up on and Soldiers that kick… read more »


Rpped shirt Shredded pride Carry it with, why don’t you Wave about A love, solled and sticky from too much handling   Talent that’s all dried up and withered Take it with don’t you Wave about A love, solled and sticky from too much handling   A shopping cart that starts to push trough The… read more »

Boys & Girls

Until the evening sun melts into the riverbank swarming with taillamps Can’t let yourself be influenced by indifferent world   Even on days like those Living like there’s no tomorrow, surely Hey boys & girls Tell me softly about your hopes and dreams It’s all just begun We’ve got nothing   Like dogs born in… read more »

Sayounara Soldier

Goodbye Soldier A restaurant in the farthest north   Dried out pasta with cold beef Talking over warned speakers From now on, you should come to see me   Take it all off And we’ll be All right again   Take my unexpectedly and Suddenly profes your love for me Like a water bird travelling… read more »

Dancing Girl

That back alley I wandered until The soles of my shoes were out, damaged Chasing the stone I aimlessly kicked I looked up And that girl smiled   The sun so bright Just kept imering or that day Even if they all disappear Fell like I can go anywhere from here Together with darkness and… read more »