Chatmonchy to release a new album Kyoumei

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akfgfragments Written on 27th March 2015 At 12:35:30
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Right after having released 2 CD Singles Kokoro to Atama and Tokimeki, Chatmonchy is back with a new album entitled "Kyoumei". Released in 2 different versions: a regular edition and a limited edition featuring the music videos of Kokoro to Atama, Itachigokko, Tokimeki and Tonarino Onna, plus a short video showing the band Chatmonchy and the musicians playing with them hanging out, playing games and talking about the recording of Kyoumei.
Tsuneoka Akira (恒岡章) (Hi-STANDARD, CUBISMO GRAFICO FIVE), Shimomura Ryosuke (下村亮介) (The Chef Cooks Me), Kitano Aiko (北野愛子) (DQS, nelca, ex. Your gold, my pink) and Sebuhiroko (世武裕子) are playing with Chatmonchy on this new album.

Henshin was a significant change in Chatmonchy career, many famous people like Gotch came to produce a few songs for this album, adding a more rock sound to it. According to the songs featured in both CD singles, Kyoumei seems to follow the right path and you will might enjoy it more than you think, no matter if you are new/hardcore fan of Chatmonchy.

Kyoumei will be released on May 13th 2015 featuring 12 songs, at the price of 3400Y and can be pre-ordered now on CDJapan or