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Maenosono Masaki on toco toco ep 25

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Written on 16th January 2016 At 14:05:06
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8otto leader, drummer and singer Maenosono Masaki goes on an interview with toco toco channel to talk about his home town Sakai in Osaka and let you discover some delicious local delicacies. To know more about him, please check out the video.

toco toco

toco toco is a Japan discovery channel made by Anne Ferrero. Each episodes, Japanese designer or artists bring you to their favourite places in Japan.
The programme is brodacast in Japanese and subtitled in English and French on Youtube, on TV channel Nolife and the USA channel UTB Hollywood.

The channel features many other episodes talking about music artists which are only available in English at the moment. Among them can found:

  • Sawai Miku (Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, etc ending singer)
  • Paranel (internet-label Low High Who's musician and producer, who especially discovered artists such as Daoko and Tofubeats)
  • Tempura Kidz (who recently performed in Paris for the event Moshi Moshi Nippon)
  • Hashimoto Rui (official photographer of numerous Japanese rock artists such as One Ok Rock, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, The Back Horn, etc…)
  • Kyoka (electronic musician living between Tokyo and Berlin)
  • Prof. Sakamoto (Musician with a Famicom put on the head playing video game musics on demand. He already came to Japan Expo)

toco toco episodes are short but enough to introduce get you interested in discovering the guest more. Feel free to watch every videos available on toco toco, I'm sure one of them will capture your attention.

And if you wish to follow the channel, you can find toco toco on Twitter and Facebook