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  1. 1- The main rule is: RESPECT.
  2. 2- So that every message can be understandable, you must write in a formal way. The spelling must be the best as possible, and writing with capital letters "LIKE THIS" is forbidden. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a dot, the whole dotted with commas, semi-colon etc and avoid any slang.
  3. 3- Any insult, racist or homophobic behaviour, political and religious connotation are also forbidden. Any inappropriate picture will be sanctioned.
  4. 4- When creating a new topic, create in its right/related place. If the "Pokemon" topic is put in the "AKFG" forum, it will be moved. Please be careful when you are creating a new topic.
  5. 5- Try to be focused on the main topic without being off-topic. Any off-topic will be moved into the right forum.
  6. 6- Take a deep breath while posting, take your time to and set out your arguments and avoid any "5 words" answers if possible.
  7. 7- Always double-check your post before sending it.
  8. 8- Any criticism regarding any band is allowed, your speech is free. Please set out your arguments as much as possible. Any criticism without setting out your arguments will be deleted.
  9. 9- Please introduce yourself in the dedicated section.
  10. 10- Any user registered that hasn't posted in the next 2 months following his registration, will be banned from the forum.
  11. 11- No illegal download links can be found on the forum. If you are looking for something, you can still ask and wait for an answer. The forum rules can be modified. You will be notified every time a modification occurred.