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Welcome onto the forum.

As a new member, you must introduce yourself. It is also a matter of respect towards the other members.

You have the possibility to add any information you want about you, such as: your real name, your hobbies, etc.

You can introduce yourself in any way you like. Here is my introduction: I am the founder and the main administrator of the site. I'm in charge of the English/French translation. I'm French, and I know the band since 2005-2006 thanks to the Naruto anime 2nd opening.
My hobbies are music, drawing, designing, surfing on the net, AKFG, video games, cinema, and everything that is related to the Intellectual work. If you need help, use the contact form, private message me on social networks (Facebook and on Twitter @akfgfragments)

I wish you to enjoy the forum, have a good time on it and speak freely !