Asian Kung-Fu Generation are back with Easter

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Brace yourselves, Asian Kung-Fu Generation are back with their twentieth new CD single, Easter (復活祭). Asian Kung-Fu Generation surprised us by recently going to a trip in L.A to record some songs with the help of the Ajikan team (Kenichi Nakamura was among them), plus the engineers of Studio 666, the most famous Foo Fighter's private studio.

We know that Dave Grohl is known for having played with Nirvana, but for those who don't know who the man actually is, he is totally independent, following his dreams and doing whatever he likes in respect of his surroundings, nobody and nothing shall prevent him from making music. It is totally in concordance with Masafumi Gotoh's state of mind, more generally with what Asian Kung-Fu Generation is. Sony, despite having the copyrights and such, have nothing to do in Asian Kung-Fu Generation's music, they produce themselves and this is why we love and support them. Since the band could have recorded quite almost the new CD album's tracklist (8th album coming around May/June), they had the possibility to announce the release of the new CD single Easter (復活祭).

Regarding this new CD album, based on Masafumi Gotoh's tweets, they first focused on recording the music, then writing the lyrics. Easter (復活祭) is coming for March 18th 2015, and for having been recorded under the Rock'n'Roll roof, there is a strong chance to see Asian Kung-Fu Generation coming back on the J-rock path.


  1. Easter (復活祭)
  2. Parallel World (パラレルワールド)
  3. Seaside Sleeping (シーサイドスリーピング)