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New Eizo Sakushin has come out!9260Kinoko
Обзор на «Dawn On»655350Kinoko
Review on ‘Dawn On’151310Kinoko
‘Dawn On’— the long-awaited new album from 8otto!50290Kinoko
Gotch's ‘Taxi Driver’ for free!206520Kinoko
Extra concert in LA was announced!74740Kinoko
Concert in the USA Announced71950Kinoko
New Gotch release83990Kinoko
Новый диск Gotch увидит свет через неделю18650Kinoko
‘Sol-Fa’ 2016 Reissue Vinyl is coming soon!45380Kinoko
Russian version of the site has been launched!25950Kinoko
20 лет группе — три диска в свет!390120Kinoko
Álbum Tributo: AKG TRIBUTE216750Sdlion
Tribute Album: AKG TRIBUTE655350Sdlion
Kimi to Iu Hana cover by Ayakashi608200akfgfragments
20th Anniversary Celebration - Feedback Fans!65070Phil
Sol-Fa 2016 to be released on November 30th210681akfgfragments
Diario de una grabación por Gotch - Parte III8970Lionxzaj
Diario de una grabación por Gotch - Parte IV7720Lionxzaj
Diario de una grabación por Gotch - Parte V8780Lionxzaj
Journal d'enregistrement de Gotch - Partie 513140Mirin
Journal d'enregistrement de Gotch - Partie 411450Mirin
In My Mind free download299150akfgfragments
8otto In My Mind en téléchargement gratuit196770akfgfragments
Journal d'enregistrement de Gotch - Partie 310290Mirin
Journal d'enregistrement de Gotch - Partie 210320Mirin
Journal d'enregistrement de Gotch - Partie 184160Mirin
Where to find AKFG music videos90060akfgfragments
Gotch recording diary part 5655350Phil
Gotch recording diary part 4464330Phil
Gotch recording diary part 3132390Phil
Gotch recording diary part 2655350Phil
Phono Tones20akfgfragments
The Future Times Magazines00akfgfragments
Number Girl20akfgfragments
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant00akfgfragments
The Hiatus00akfgfragments
Shishamo -Bonus-30akfgfragments
Scandal -Bonus-20akfgfragments
Husking Bee00akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation170akfgfragments
Gotch recording diary part 1230260Phil
AKG USA Campaign117300Phil
Akfgfragments is back188240akfgfragments est de retour14400akfgfragments
Coast in the Clouds66060akfgfragments
KANA-BOON Origin334360akfgfragments
Maenosono Masaki on toco toco ep 2594400akfgfragments
Maenosono Masaki sur toco toco ep 2518940akfgfragments
Happy New Year Ajikan fans107210akfgfragments
AKFG Tournee Mondial Live Report11960akfgfragments
AKFG World Tour Report75710akfgfragments
Right Now et Eizo 1131600akfgfragments
Right Now and Eizo 1153390akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation interview with Akfgfragments655350akfgfragments
Live Stream at Tokyo International Forum78830akfgfragments
Stream live au Tokyo International Forum15980akfgfragments
Ajikan gears1350akfgfragments
The Latin America Tour32410akfgfragments
Wonder Future leads us far away345590akfgfragments
AKFG back in Europe60410akfgfragments
Akfgfragments recrute13670akfgfragments
Akfgfragments is recruiting23960akfgfragments
Planet of the Apes theme song for Replay and Destroy45020akfgfragments
Chatmonchy lançará o novo álbum Kyoumei10040Indiegena
Álbum novo do Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Wonder Future7130Indiegena
Asian Kung-Fu Generation new album Wonder Future108600akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation nouvel album Wonder Future32850akfgfragments
Easter est sorti17640akfgfragments
Chatmonchy to release a new album Kyoumei100130akfgfragments
Fan reviews of Easter71140
Easter is out159130akfgfragments
You are going to viberate with 8otto77030akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation discography on Itunes69870akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Wonder Future192530akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation vous dit tout sur « Wonder Future »61560akfgfragments
Did Masafumi Gotoh improve his writing?655350akfgfragments
Let's never forget about Fukushima's disaster43890akfgfragments
All you need to know about Asian Kung-Fu Generation EASTER43550akfgfragments
Song analysis Standard109700akfgfragments
A new journey awaits us198220akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation are back with Easter54240akfgfragments
Can't Be Forever Young Live sur Tokyo9380akfgfragments
Can't Be Forever Young Live in Tokyo88250akfgfragments
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Wake Up!92040akfgfragments
Nano Mugen Compilation 2014187860akfgfragments
Can't Be Forever Young13900akfgfragments
Houkai Amplifier LP72120akfgfragments
Feedback File 262680akfgfragments
Eizo Sakushin Shu Vol 9 and Vol.1096060akfgfragments
EARTHxHEART live 201350860akfgfragments
This is AKFG photographs by Mitch Ikeda41550akfgfragments
Eizo Sakushin Shu Vol.9 et Vol.1014640akfgfragments
Can't Be Forever Young - Letras, Créditos y PVs12160akfgfragments
[Interview] TOWER No.208 Mar.204770akfgfragments
[Interview] TOWER No.250 Feb.204210akfgfragments
[Interview] TOWER No.302 Jun.204120akfgfragments
No Nukes Festival 2012 expenditures.5600akfgfragments
[READ] Introduction25550akfgfragments