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Sol-Fa 2016 to be released on November 30th336551akfgfragments
Sol-Fa 2016 sort le 30 Novembre 20163200akfgfragments
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Gotch recording diary part 4655350Phil
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The Future Times Magazines00akfgfragments
Gotch recording diary part 1655350Phil
AKG USA Campaign655350Phil
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KANA-BOON Origin10340akfgfragments
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Live Stream at Tokyo International Forum12100akfgfragments
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The Latin America Tour12930akfgfragments
Wonder Future leads us far away11130akfgfragments
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Planet of the Apes theme song for Replay and Destroy15260akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation new album Wonder Future13330akfgfragments
Easter est sorti7620akfgfragments
Chatmonchy to release a new album Kyoumei10440akfgfragments
Fan reviews of Easter29830
Easter is out20090akfgfragments
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation discography on Itunes15440akfgfragments
La discographie d'Asian Kung-Fu Generation sur Itunes8010akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Wonder Future19170akfgfragments
アジカン、約2年半振りとなる全国ツアー「Wonder Future」の詳細を発表!!7160愛悟
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[READ] Introduction32370akfgfragments