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The new Asian Kung-Fu Generation album ‘Homwtown’ is going to be released on 5 December 2018.

Standard edition is one disc with ten songs – the albums itself.

Limited edition, on the other hand, contains one disc with ten songs, second disc with five songs under the title ‘Can’t Sleep EP’ and a DVD with ‘ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION America Tour Documentary Pt.2 (Latin America)’ documentary.


CD 1:
01. Clock Work
02. Hometown
03. Rainbow Flag
04. Circus
05. Kouya wo Aruke
06. UCLA
07. Motor Pool
08. Dancing Girl
09. Sayounara Soldier
10. Boys & Girls

CD 2 (Can’t Sleep EP):
01. Sleep
02. Haikyo no Kioku
03. Yellow
04. Hajimari no Kisetsu
05. Seija no March

The song ‘Clockwork’ was written by Masafumi Gotoh with Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer) and Butch Walker together. The song ‘Dancing Girl’ is a joint work of Gotoh and Cuomo.

The song ‘Sleep’ from ‘Can’t Sleep EP’ was recorded with Grant Nicholas from Feeder. Atsushi Horie from Straightener took part in the song ‘Haikyo no Kioku’. The song ‘Hajimari no Kisetsu’ is a joint work of Gotch and THE CHARM PARK.

Moreover, for the first time, Takahiro Yamada is a vocalist, it had happened in the song ‘Yellow’.

Songs ‘Boys & Girls’, ‘Kouya wo Aruke’ and ‘Seija no March’ are presented with the new mixing.

Hometown MV

Kouya wo Aruke MV

Boys & Girls MV

Haikyo no Kioku MV

Seija no March MV


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