Dororo/ Kaihouku

Tracks Dororo Kaihouku Limited Edition [Blu-ray] SPACE SHOWER TV LIVE with YOU @ LIQUIDROOM Senseless Standard Marching Band Siren Seija no March Hometown Kouya wo Aruke Re:Re: Ima wo Ikite Boys & Girls


The new Asian Kung-Fu Generation album ‘Homwtown’ is going to be released on 5 December 2018. Standard edition is one disc with ten songs – the albums itself. Limited edition, on the other hand, contains one disc with ten songs,… Continue Reading →

Boys & Girls

Tracks Boys & Girls Shukujitsu


Tribute album recorded by different Japanese musicians. Tracks amazarashi — Natsu no Hi, Zanzou KANA-BOON — Kimi to Iu Hana Creepy Nuts — Rewrite the chef cooks me — Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase Scenario Art — Maigoinu to Ame… Continue Reading →

Solanin songbook

The compilation of songs from the movie ‘Solanin’. Tracks Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu GOING UNDER GROUND — Onaji Tsuki wo Miteta tacica — Jinchou Aika LOST IN TIME — Kibou fujifabric — Akaoshoku… Continue Reading →

Whatch You Gonna Do? Under Flower Compilation vol. 6

The compilation of UNDER FLOWER label artists. It was the first label Asian Kung-Fu Generation was singed to. Tracks Summer Rhyme — Affection Asian Kung-Fu Generation — 12 Softtouch — Pinpoint Strawberry — Daydream All Tomorrow’s Party — Crayon, Spoon… Continue Reading →

I’m Standing Here

Third and the last indie album. Released on 30 November 2001. Tracks Hold Me Tight Need Your Love Konayuki Unmei I’m Standing Here E

The Time Past and I Could Not See You Again

Second indie album. Release in 2000. All songs are in English. Tracks I Wonder If Everybody Can Sing Their Scream Nothing Is the Matter? Living Dead Wash Out Say No! My Friend

Caramelman and Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The first indie album. This is a split CD with a band Caramelman, released in 2000. Tracks Caramelman — S.E. (Sexy Eddy) Asian Kung-Fu Generation — There is no Hope Caramelman — Love Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Ao no Uta… Continue Reading →

Best Hit AKG

1 – Haruka Kanata Masafumi Gotoh: There may have been times when I had to be emotional to keep living. On the one hand there is the frustration of not getting recognition, and on the other hand there is a… Continue Reading →

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