Kimi Tsunagi Five M

“Kimi Tsunagi Five M” (君繋ファイブエム) is full of feelings and harmonies under a relatively complex name. “Kimi Tsunagi” (君繋) comes from the Masafumi Gotoh singing made of two facets, which makes appear a universe based on useless informations while adding to it an added-value in a dominating manner, either it comes under love or friendship…. read more »

Houkai Amplifier

First CD mini-album initially released on an indie label Under Flower Records in November 25th 2002, “Houkai Amplifier” (崩壊アンプリファー) features “Haruka Kanata” (遥か彼方), 2nd opening theme song for “Naruto” (ナルト), which helped the band to get known all around the world, and “Konayuki” (粉雪), one of their very first song written in Japanese and the… read more »