Zoom Japon 022

Alissa Descotes-Toyosaki: The leader of the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation wants to bring the Japanese youth to take in hand its destiny. Masafumi Gotoh, one of the Japanese rock icons, takes his role very seriously. This 36 year old guitarist… Continue Reading →

Best Hit AKG

1 – Haruka Kanata Masafumi Gotoh: There may have been times when I had to be emotional to keep living. On the one hand there is the frustration of not getting recognition, and on the other hand there is a… Continue Reading →

Le Bataclan

Journalist: Tonight, the Bataclan will be sold out. Did you know you guys weree so popular in France? Masafumi Gotoh: No [Laughs], this is truly amazing! Journalist: Among all the concerts you’ve done, which one would be your best memory?… Continue Reading →

Zoom Japon 030

Alissa Descotes-Toyosaki: It is your first European tour, how do you imagine the public? Masafumi Gotoh: I don’t know, I hope everybody won’t come wearing a cosplay! (laughing) Otherwise, we will have to be dressed like this too! It is… Continue Reading →

Oricon World World World

Oricon: My first impression was: “This is a solid album with a good sense of speed.” In your last album “Fanclub”, there were a lot of complex arrangements but, the feeling of this album is quite different. Masafumi Gotoh: If… Continue Reading →

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