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Nano Mugen Compilation 2011 |

Nano Mugen Compilation 2011

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2011” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2009” did with more bands and songs, so much more that it comes with 2 Cds, Asian Kung-Fu Generation doing the opening and ending of the compilation respectively with “Allright part 2” and “Hikari” (ひかり).


  1. All right part2
  2. Arcadia [Ash]
  3. Back On My Feet [Boom Boom Satellites]
  4. Sayonara Teenage [Dr. Downer]
  5. Yoake Mae [Hasegawa Kenichi]
  6. My Own Worst Enemy [The Hiatus]
  7. Fushigi Na Chime [Isobe Masafumi]
  8. Over And Over [The Koxx]
  9. Neverland [Lostage]
  10. (It’s Not War) Just the End of Love [Manic Street
  11. Contact [Mowmow Lulu Gyaban]
  12. Mustang [Nada Surf]
  13. Sukitooru Shoudou [Negoto]
  14. Venus [Oorutaichi]
  15. Ghetto Burnin [Phonat]
  16. A Rose Is a Rose [The Rentals]
  17. Clarity [Straightener]
  18. Memories [Weezer]
  19. SugarCandySuperNova [The Young Punx]
  20. Hikari


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