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Nano Mugen Compilation 2012 |

Nano Mugen Compilation 2012

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2012” repeats what “Nano Mugen Compilation 2011” did with two more bands and songs. This time Asian Kung-Fu Generation is only doing the opening in the compilation with “Yoru wo Koete” (夜を越えて).


  1. Yoru wo Koete
  2. Flanging Sun [Bloodthirsty Butchers]
  3. Alterna Girlfriend [Chara]
  4. Yes Or No Or Love [Chatmonchy]
  5. Pascal & Electus [The Chef Cooks Me]
  6. We Rolled Again [The Cigavettes]
  7. Lost Hope [Dr. Downer]
  8. Turbo Town [80 Kidz]
  9. Idaho [Feeder]
  10. Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart [Fountains Of Way
  11. Asa Ga Kuru Mae Ni [Motohiro Hata]
  12. Superblock [The Hiatus]
  13. Tokyo Life [Ai Iwasaki]
  14. Hajimari Ni [Rina Katahira]
  15. Palomino [Mates Of State]
  16. True Romance [Motion City Soundtrack]
  17. Underneath My Tree [Ozma]
  18. The World Is Yours [Phono Tones]
  19. Hodoketa Kutsuhimo [Quattro]
  20. Nexus [Straightener]
  21. Trash [Suede]
  22. Sabishisa Ni Hi Wo Kube [10-Feet]


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