Nano Mugen Compilation 2013

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2013” is released with less bands and songs than the two previous Nano Mugen Compilation. A cover of the song “Loser” fully sang in Japanese is a premiere in Asian Kung-Fu Generation history.


  1. Loser
  2. My Lost City [Cero]
  3. Tekiyou Na Yami [The Chef Cooks Me]
  4. Rainbow [Dr.Downer]
  5. Hanataba [Ai Iwasaki]
  6. Stars [Nowearman]
  7. Ishikawa Chou Fire [Phono Tones]
  8. Rapid Reality [Radical Dads]
  9. There’s a Change [Sara Radle]
  10. Sunny [Siamese Cats]
  11. Story [Skirt]
  12. Beautiful World [Special Others]
  13. Brand New Everything [Straightener]
  14. Misleading Interpretations [Turntable Films]
  15. Words Kill People (Cotodama The Killer) [uminote]


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