Nano Mugen Compilation 2014

“Nano Mugen Compilation 2014” is just like what the Nano Mugen Compilations were at first : a regular CD with Asian Kung-Fu Generation doing the opening. The song “Standard” (スタンダード) has been used for Nikkon ads.


  1. Standard
  2. Rutensuru Sekai [The Chef Cooks Me]
  3. Mirai he no Spiral [Good Morning America]
  4. Something Ever After [The Hiatus]
  5. The Music Makes Me Sick [It’s A Musical]
  6. Full Drive [Kana-Boon]
  7. Flowers [Lostage]
  8. Tenchi Gazshi [Nico Touches the Walls]
  9. Beautifultimes (feat. Lindsey Stirling) [Owl City]
  10. Loveless [Quruli]
  11. Thought Of Sound [The Rentals]
  12. Akuru Hi no Piero [Straightener]
  13. Closer [Tengan & Sara]
  14. Down Beat Stomp [Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra]
  15. Keep On Rock’n Roll [Unicorn]
  16. All These Things Are Gone [The Young Punx]


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