Huge commercial success, “Sol-Fa” (ソルファ) is a well known album with four music clips released on TV which one call “Rewrite” (リライト ) was used as theme song for the 4th opening of “Full Metal Alchemist”, and another song called “Loop&Loop” (ループ&ループ) was used for the ending theme of the TV drama called “Dame Nari!” (駄目ナリ). This song has been written during the writting of “Kimi Tsunagi Five M” (君繋ファイブエム). The band knowing the song was a hit, they decided to keep it for “Sol-Fa”. It was the latest song they had in their repertoire.


  1. Shindoukaku
  2. Rewrite
  3. Kimi no Machi Made
  4. My World
  5. Yoru no Mukou
  6. Last Scene
  7. Siren
  8. Re:Re:
  9. 24Ji
  10. Mayonaka to Mahiru no Yume
  11. Kaigan Doori
  12. Loop&Loop


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