Surf Bungaku Kamakura

Born from a project during the writing of “Fanclub” (ファンクラブ), “Surf Bungaku Kamakura” (サーフ ブンガク カマクラ) is composed of songs which all start with train station names in their title. We are following a train going from “Fujisawa” (藤沢) to “Kamakura” (鎌倉). The album length is the shortest ever released by the band. The album has a rock sound, just like albums released before “Fanclub”.


  1. Fujisawa Loser
  2. Kugenuma Surf
  3. Enoshima Esker
  4. Koshigoe Crybaby
  5. Shichirigahama Skywalk
  6. Inamuragasaki Jane
  7. Gokurakuji Heartbreak
  8. Hase Sands
  9. Yuigahama Kite
  10. Kamakura Goodbye


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