About akfgfragments.com

Created on January 12th 2010, Akfgfragments.com purpose was to promote the Japanese band Asian Kung-Fu Generation around the world. Meeting place for fans and newcomers, the site's content is managed by administrators and generated by fans, it is an independent website earning nothing from advertisement and strongly refuses to sell data to any third parties.

Since January 12th 2015, Akfgfragments.com is specialised in the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation and is taking care of promoting other Japanese bands having a link with Asian Kung-Fu Generation,with the goal to reach out to a new landscape into the Japanaese music industry.

Our non exhaustive team :

Editor in chief / Programmers

  • Vudjan Kiefer (France)
  • Guillaumot Gregory (France)

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  • Antoine Grasset (France)
  • Arthur Lago (Brazil)
  • Arthur Figueiredo (Brazil)
  • Daigo Masafumi (Mexico)
  • Enrique Santos Contreras (Mexico)
  • Fox Martinotti (Italy)
  • Gary Chambers (Irland)
  • Jordan Ward (USA)
  • Khaylan Bolton (USA)
  • Kely Omine (Brazil)
  • Kevin Brunel (France)
  • Léo Jarzabek (France)
  • Leo Legrand (France)
  • Leon Sebastian Lopez Moral (Argentina)
  • Marie Castela (France)
  • MaríaJosé Alvarez Bravo (Ecuador)
  • Marian Pizarro Olivares (Chile)
  • Matias Tiberio (Argentina)
  • Mihret Jusić (Austria)
  • Nora Dedegbe (France)
  • Phillip Ward (USA)
  • Sergio De Lèon (Mexico)
  • Rachaelle Holme (Germany)


  • Alejo Outerelo (Argentina)
  • Jacaranda Garcia (Mexico)
  • Narine (United Kingdom)
  • Tiago Matias (Brazil)