Ajikan 25 Project



This is a worldwide project in which anyone can participate. We are going to do a cover (initially of one song, ideally of 17 different ones). It is meant to work the following way: we choose a song via a survey, then we extract separate lines or phrases from that and divide between everyone. Each person records hers or his part and sends it back to organisers. At the same, the cover band records an instrumental part. After everything is set, we edit it to one video with every one of us singing the song and upload it on YouTube.


For the following month, we’ll gather people and votes on the song (via the two-part survey). At the beginning of March, we start recording the stuff.


The main purpose of the project is to show how big and diverse Ajikan fan community is. It doesn’t matter whether can you sing or not. We don’t want to make a cover with perfect vocals, we want to show our love and passion to the band.


Participation form
Survey (1st part, ends on 21st Feb 2021)