Masafumi Gotoh - 後藤 正文

1976-12-02 - Japanese

Writer, composer, guitarist, vocalist, programmer, Masafumi Gotoh met with Kensuke Kita and Takahiro Yamada while attending a music club of Kanto Gakuin University and together formed the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation in 1996, joined by Kiyoshi Ijichi shortly after.

Masafumi Gotoh has a degree in economics and his favourite artists include Weezer, Number Girl, Oasis, Teenage Fanclub, and Beck. He began producing a couple of songs for Chatmonchy (Kirakira Hikare, Yes or No or Love), composed and sang in Karisou Method but also produced a few songs for other bands such as Dr.Downer, The Chef Cooks Me, ART-SCHOOL.

Masafumi Gotoh launched his label Only in Dreams Records in 2012 but began his solo career as "Gotch" in 2011. He is editor in chief of the free newspaper The Future Times created right after Fukushima's disaster, to let the reader know on how the country ended up with such crisis, starting from point 0, where all began.