Kensuke Kita - 喜多 建介

1977-01-24 - 

Kensuke Kita is the lead guitarist and backing singer of Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Kensuke Kita met Masafumi Gotoh and Takahiro Yamada while attending a music club of Kanto Gakuin University and formed Asian Kung-Fu Generation in 1996, with drummer Kiyoshi Ijichi joining the band shortly after.

While primarily limited to background vocals, Kensuke Kita has had the opportunity to sing lead on two songs, "Uso to Wonderland" (B-side to World Apart CD single) and "Seaside Sleeping" (third song featured on Easter CD single).

Kensuke Kita has a degree in economics and his favourite bands are Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, XTC, Supergrass.