Kiyoshi Ijichi - 伊地 知潔

1977-09-24 - 

Kiyoshi Ijichi is the drummer of Asian Kung-Fu Generation and met Masafumi Gotoh, Kensuke Kita, and Takahiro Yamada while attending Kanto Gakuin University in 1996. Unlike the others, Kiyoshi Ijichi had prior band experience and was a member of another college band when approached by the three. He credits the origin  of his ability to play drums in marching bands in junior high.

Aside from drumming, Kiyoshi Ijichi can be heard playing an excerpt of "Claire de Lune" from Debussy's Suite bergamasque for the intro of "Gekkou." He has a degree in engineering and his favourite bands are Brian Setzer, Link, King Bee and Hi-Standard.

In comparison to his bandmates, Kiyoshi Ijichi is fairly indifferent towards British alternative rock, instead preferring American and Japanese punk rock. He is the only member of the group who listens to heavy metal and is a part of a small number of Japanese Christians.

Kiyoshi Ijichi also plays drums in the band Phono Tones founded by him and Inomata Yosuke from Dr.Downer.