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Can't Be Forever Young

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# 1st Album 
Release date 2014-04-19
Songs 12
Duration 47:07
Reference ODJP-001
Matrix Number ODCP 6
ISBN 2147483647
Price 2130¥

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About Can't Be Forever Young

Can't Be Forever Young

"Can't Be Forever Young" is an album where Gotch realises that he can't go back to his teenage years and has to move forward. "Can't Be Forever Young" is a homage to "Beck", "Wilco", "Bright Eyes", "Neil Young" – and generally American indie from the 90’s when alternative music. Lyrics are swaying between hope and resignation, teaching us to see present events from perspective. About the cover, Gotch explained "In this scene, I’m heading to a funeral – my funeral. It’s a kind of requiem for my adolescence,[...] but shootings often take place in front of a barber shop, let’s not be too serious." Also, "The Long Goodbye" song's drums part had been modified for this album.



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About Gotch


Gotch nickname refers to Masafumi Gotoh solo career which started in 2012. Influenced by the American indie style of the 90's with bands like Beck, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Neil Young etc, Gotch uses a range of different instruments to compose his pop songs. His lyrics are elaborated, each of them have their own univers, story and are easily identifiable. Gotch solo career isn't a break with the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation at all and has no influence within it.

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