Planet of the Apes theme song for Replay and Destroy

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The new Asian Kung-Fu Generation song Planet of the Apes from the 8th album Wonder Future coming for May 27th, will be used as theme song for the TV drama Replay & Destroy.

Replay & Destroy is a TV drama show released in 2011 talking about three men living together in collocation, one of them having an insecure work wishing to become a movie director.
The plot of this drama is that the three men are witness of the fact that "stories which seem to be common and pointless might change the course of things" despite confronting people problems and things happening in their entourage. A young student girl will come in their life.

Replay & Destroy of 2015 is a readjustment of the drama released four years ago and is in its continuity.

The four main actors are Yamada Takakyuki, Hayashi Kento, Abe Shinnosuke (not the baseball player) and Kobayashi Ryoko.
More artists will also participate to this drama, among them can be found Ani (Scha Dara Parr), Kakuta Akihiro (Tokyo03) and Itoda Jun (SPW: Speed Wagon)

The very two first episodes will be broadcast on April 26th on MBS and April 28th on TBS. Episodes will also be available with the "smart pass" and "video pass"

In reaction to this announce, Masafumi Gotoh talks about the today society where a profusion of feelings can be found in a profusion of locations, feelings turn out to be sharpened. It's quite unclear.
However the producer is stating that: "it is about a major drama in which strong personalities are gathered, both from producer and actors. We called Ajikan who songs have an atmosphere that is specific to them and perfectly suit to that kind of drama which embodies this "artist side", in the way they understand the world. Planet of the Apes melody and lyrics match perfectly with the drama and I think this drama will turn out to be a very interesting drama with a sustained pace".

They are selling the thing quite well and we are looking forward to listen to the Asian Kung-Fu Generation new song.