Where to find AKFG music videos

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akfgfragments Written on 30th July 2016 At 20:03:12
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There was a feature added a year ago on the site: the possibility to watch a MV subbed in various languages. Any Asian Kung-Fu Generation MVs can now be watched and used as Karaoke or to understand the song itself. We also look for help.

A feature down for a moment

A year ago, to give users access to AKFG music videos since every videos from the Japanese Youtube channel were only available in Japan, we uploaded some to the site. The process was long. We had to convert DVD videos into the best format so it can be easily watched by any kind of internet connection, to sub and to synchronize the subs etc. Multiplied by almost 30 videos, it took a lot of time.

We stopped for two reasons: first, videos that can be downloaded in 1080p are in fact corrupted and the guy behind them used  a wrong conversion codec. Second, Sony released some MVs on AKFGVevo, giving access to the band music videos worldwide.

A feature finally back

Thanks to today technologies, we are now able to give users a better video quality than what is broadcast on Youtube.
We also found out Sony removed a lot of MVs, so it is now time you watch all of them by simply login to the site with your account.
We reworked the subs and decided to remove the "credits" feature which allowed you to know more about one person of a MV staff.
We still add the staff names to the MVs.

Where to watch AKFG MVs ?

The best place to watch Asian Kung-Fu Generation music videos is obviously akfgfragments.com, Music Videos page. then you have the Japanese Youtube channel, the VEVO Youtube Channel and finally Jpopsuki.tv.

How can I help ?

We are looking for people having Blu-Ray of their favourite band MVs, and to sub them. Do not hesitate to contact us to give us a hand, we thank you very much.