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akfgfragments Written on 7th August 2016 At 15:18:47
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Released on December 8 2011, 8otto's EP "Uprising / In My Mind" got unnoticed, a music video was released for the song Uprising and In My Mind was available in free download on Flake Records website. Since then, time has passed, the EP cannot be found anymore and downloading the B-side is impossible.

A huge thanks to Tora

It has been months we are writing to Tora, 8otto bass player, to ask him about a way to release the song in mp3. He positively answered but we had to wait. Time has come for all of us to download and listen to this excellent B-side

Download and listen to In My Mind.

A huge tanks to the band and to Tora for uploading the song. Also, 5 years later, 8otto released a new EP call "Skeen" where the A and B side can be watched and listened on Youtube.

Skreen Music Video

Another One Bites The Dust cover MV