Sol-Fa 2016 to be released on November 30th

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akfgfragments Written on 5th October 2016 At 10:09:53
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The highly anticipated new recording of the band's most sold album is to be released on November 30th.

Sol-Fa 2016

The biggest news of the day comes from the band's staff, regarding the tracklist and editions. The new version of the album's Limited Edition First Pressing will be released with its usual cardboard slipcase (digipack) for 3700yen, and 2913yen for the regular edition. The Limited Edition will also include a DVD in which its content has yet to be announced.

As for the album's tracklisting, there has been a change from the 2004 release. Loop&Loop has been moved from twelfth to third on the album's track order. Here's the tracklist: 

  1. Shindoukaku (振動覚)
  2. Rewrite (リライト)
  3. Loop&Loop (ループ&ループ)
  4. Kimi no Machi Made (君の街まで)
  5. My World (マイワールド)
  6. Yoru no Mukou (夜の向こう)
  7. Last Scene (ラストシーン)
  8. Siren (サイレン)
  9. Re:Re:
  10. 24 ji (24時)
  11. Mayonaka to Mahiru no Yume (真夜中と真昼の夢)
  12. Kaigan Doori (海岸通り)

The limited edition will be released under the reference KSCL-2809, and KSCL-2811 for the regular edition.


Starting today, Sol-fa 2004 is now released again as reissue (first press is sold out) for the price of 2000Yen under the reference KSCL-2774. For the band's 20th anniversary, all of their discography (album) Sol-Fa 2004 is the only album to be released again under the fair price of 2000Yen and with a new reference.

We will keep you updated with all new information on these editions, the additional DVD content, Sol-Fa 2016, or any new tours.

cutepony Written on 16th October 2016 At 10:44:41
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