20th Anniversary Celebration - Feedback Fans!

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Phil Written on 29th October 2016 At 01:20:37
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Since 1996, the band Asian Kung-fu Generation, has created music that has changed lives throughout the world. The fanbase has been rewarded through the years with a very consistent release schedule that has given us joy and the sense of being grateful, averaging anywhere from one or two new singles in a year to keep fans listening, to three brand new albums (example, 2008) released in an eight-month time period. 

Feedback Fans 

We, here at akfgfragments, want to celebrate one of the most productive, talented, and greatest bands on the planet (as well as the reason for running the site) and congratulate them on a strong 20 Year Anniversary by giving the fans an opportunity to say, "thank you," or whatever else that you'd like to tell them (within reason), to the band members themselves. This of course, being in addition to our other project "AKG to USA," which is still taking submissions. Just follow the link below to our designated site for 'Feedback Fans.' 

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