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akfgfragments Written on 28th July 2018 At 09:55:29
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Hello everyone,

This is your main admin writing,  it has been a while since we last wrote an article, almost three years actually.
Many things have changed in the team's life, some of us faced difficulties, some had no time to dedicate time to Asian Kung-Fu Generation, it does include the fact Asian Kung-Fu Generation has not released anything big to gather the worldwide community again.

But things are changing and changes are coming soon.

The current website will exist as a database, becoming a museum where things won't really change, keeping all detailed information on a specific address.
However, the actual URL will be used to release quick and short news about the band (and any other related band), giving the team more freedom to release information in their native language, by themselves. To summarize, we shall improve the system, but design will be affected as we won't spend too much time in it.

And an online shop is coming. Anyway, we are back and will resume the good work we started since 2010.

Thank you for your support !