The Latin America Tour

The Latin America Tour


Asian Kung-Fu Generation is coming to Latin America for a tour of four dates right after the European tour on November. We are going to focus on these dates and give you all the details about the tour and people who manage it. Each part is written by fans attending to the show over there.

November 14th 2015 (Sat) - Santiago Chile

It looks like it's been a long way since the first concert of a japanese artist in Chile, but in fact, has passed only 7 years. In the last few year there has been a large opening in the japanese music industry and the local producer companies, what has allowed us to enjoy concerts that we could access only in dreams (or by going to Japan). Streamings lives and 2013 Europe Tour brought us hope that, one day, we could see AKG in our country. This day has finally come, bringing joy to old and new fans. We seek to thoroughly live this experience and keep those memories forever. The Date is set, but while we wait, here is some info:

Noix Producciones is the company in charge of the Super Japan Expo event. The company is pioneer in organizing concerts of asian artists in Chile, starting with Miyavi, in 2008. Super Japan Expo is an event that links Anime, Manga, Cosplay, J-pop, J- Rock, Visual kei rock and Japanese culture in one place. With two previous versions, in 2011 an 2012, this is the most ambitious event of them, starting with the new location, Movistar Arena, and crowning it with a major band like Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Links: -

Movistar Arena is the largest, modern and sure multi-purpose covered space of Latin America, in which the most important international events are performed. Located in Parque O’Higgins (O’Higgins Park), in the heart of Santiago, at 25 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the main hotel and commercial areas, it has several outreach services such as O'Higgins Park Metro Station and Rondizzoni Station, plus public and private transport. The venue has a capacity of over 16.000 people, with a total area of 44.000 m2, 1.500 parking spaces, multiple rooms where various activities will be held, exclusive restaurants, a huge park outside with scenarios and more outdoor activities.


The tickets can be bought at or Shazam Store (only in Santiago). Foreign fans could buy without charge sending a mail to

VIP (1 Day, Saturday or Sunday): $35.000+$5.300 of charge (pre-order) – 45.000+$6.800 (U$58 – U$74)
VIP (2 Days): $60.000+$9.500 (only pre-order) (U$100)
General (1 Day, Saturday or Sunday): $8.000+1.200 (pre-order) – $12.000+$1.800 (U$14 – U$20)
General (2 Days): $15.000+$2.300 (only pre-order) (U$25)

***VIP tickets benefits: One of the royalties from this special ticket is that you can enter the event for a reserved access. Also, you can attend to the event "ACT 0.0" on Friday, November 13th, from 17 hours. This event is exclusive to VIP customers, in which you can attend to press conferences of the artists and accede to stores before general public. Finally, the VIP ticket allows you to purchase passes for the Meet&Greet, and be in the front row at the concert of AKG.

November 15th 2015 (Sun) - Sao Paulo Brazil

After great effort of Brazilian fans going to Japan for the 2012 Landmark tour, and to Europe for the 2013 Europe tour, the band has finally answered the fans requests and are having a concert in Brazil on November 15th in São Paulo, after a long 10-year-waiting period. Many friendships have started because of the band, and this concert will be a great moment to reunite everyone that loves AJIKAN in the same place, for their dream concert.

JW8 Entertainment is the company that is organizing the concert, and it is known for organizing Japanese and Korean related events. They booked the concert at the Carioca Club, a place with good sound and structure that usually has concerts of popular Brazilian music, but open its doors for other events.

The tickets can be bought at or at the venue. Prices are:
Premium floor: R$ 500 full price, R$ 250 for students. ($ 129/$ 64.5 USD)
General floor: R$ 300 full price, R$ 150 for students. ($ 77/$ 38.5 USD)
Cabin/Box: R$ 500, R$ 250 for students. ($ 129/$ 64.5 USD)

Pictures of the venue can be found at:

No information about tickets availability from the organizers so far.

Address: Carioca Club - Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 2899 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP, Brazil.
Tel: 011 3813-8598

For more information, join the Brazilian ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Facebook group.

November 18th 2015 (Wed) - Buenos Aires Argentina

A country that in the last years grown vastly in presentations of Asian shows and bands like X-Japan, The Gazette, An Café, One Ok Rock and now Asian Kung-Fu Generation whose programmed date is for November 18th at Teatro Vorterix.

Located at the north of Buenos Aires - C.A.B.A ( also called Capital Federal), the Teatro Vorterix belongs to the neighborhood of Colegiales, whose address is Federico Lacroze 3455, between Alvarez Thomas Av. and Delgado, is at a few mere blocks from the subway station B “Federico Lacroze” which connects directly with the center of the city.

The theater consists in the conjunction of a show room with a max capacity of 1584 guests. Also, in the same place is connected with the Vorterix Radio and the Studio Luis Alberto Spinetta, creating the first establishment in Argentina with this multimedia services in the same place. Equipped with 18 HD remote cameras distributed in 4 rooms, radio, virtual scenography studio, recording and a big scenario with a direct view of the boxes and the first floor. Luckly the infrastructure of the place allows a clear view from any point. Founded in 2012, hosted international artists as so national too like Slash, Catupecu Machu, Molotov and Japanese artists like Miyavi, One Ok Rock and The Gazette.

Despite the short life of the theater, is one of the most renowned of Buenos Aires along the radio who’s in its first year achieved to be Nº1 radio of the country and 3.6 million of net viewers.


This time, who brings the band, was a collaboration between MTS Producciones and Noix Producciones (chilean company) who also brings VAMPS a month earlier, October 1st in Flores.
Tickets sale is in charge of Ticketek, an international company, who dispose the following types of ticket:

VIP: AR$750 – wich includes an earlier entrance and a commemorative card-
General: AR$450


The payment could be realized by credit card/PayPal in the page or Credit Card, Debit and Cash in the different sale stores related to Ticketek.
Doubts, support or “how to…” please contact the following page:

November 20th 2015 (Fri) - Mexico DF Mexico

For the first time on the band's history, they are coming to Latin-America and of course they couldn't forget about Mexico. The news hit most of us as early as the beginning of the year. But it wasn't until later that companies in charge in Mexico made the official announce. I will try to explain as much as I can who is in charge here and the date detail.
First thing first, the companies involved are:

JFest (Yomu): A company that makes conventions and concerts for J & K Music fans. They're basically taking care of the promotion.

Ninshi Academy of Asian Culture (Academia de Cultura Asiática Ninshi): An academy who teaches languages and culture from Asia (China, Korea, Japan, etc). They are known for being in association with Jfest as a support of any kind.

ZepedaBros: A company who represents Artist. We have no much information of what they are actually doing with JFest and Ninshi Academy. I will let you know as soon as I know more about it.

Tickets price :
JPass/VIP: 2200 Mexican Pesos, 143,44 USA Dollar.
PALCO: 1200 Mexican Pesos, 78,24 USA Dollar.
GENERAL: 800 Mexican Pesos, 52,16 Dollar.

Palco and General tickets are going to be on sale with the company Ticketmaster both online and in any of their official stores.

Two options existed for VIP tickets:

  1. You could buy a VIP ticket in person at Ninshi Academy facility.
  2. You could buy them online onto Jfest official website. VIP tickets were limited to 300 and were split in half to Ninshi and Jfest Official website. Each person was allowed to buy up to 4 tickets. They're all sold already.

Currently there are only general tickets available. With almost 80% of the tickets sold. Mexico is getting closer to the sold out.

More information about the room:
Address: Juan Escutia #4, Col. Condesa CP. 06140 México, D.F.
Tel: 52 11 00 44
Room capacity: 1900

Thanks to Arthur Lago, Leon Seb, Enrique Santos, Matias Tiberio, Marian Pizzaro and Daigo for having written this article.

AKFG - Latin America Tour

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The simplicity and normal behaviour make Asian Kung-Fu Generation different from others Japanese bands. Their appearance on television is scarce and they are more concerned about their works than their image. Since the Fukushima's nuclear disaster, Asian Kung-Fu Generation is involved in favour of the definitive nuclear power stations shut down. Despite an agreement made with Ki/oon Records (Sony), the whole Asian Kung-Fu Generation's discography is financed by the band itself, allowing them to be musically independent towards the label.

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