KANA-BOON is the next Japanese rock scene generation and have released on February 17th 2016 a new album "Origin" including 12 songs. I like the band work and follow a little their career that has some common points with Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Today I am going to talk about their new album "Origin"

Nai Monno Nedari and Asian Kung-Fu Generation

When I first discovered KANA-BOON in 2014 with the song "Full Drive" which can be listened on Nano Mugen Compilation 2014, I looked for videos about them and was hooked by their independant rock music and leader Taniguchi Maguro hair style, looking just like Johnny Ramone (John William Cummings).

Their music clip Nai Mono Nedari still gives me a very good impression with nice lyrics, rhythm, riffs and much energy put into the song. So hooked I decided to buy "Boku ga CD wo Dashitara", a good mini album which reminds me a little Asian Kung-Fu Generation first mini album, "Houkai Amplifier".

Boku ga CD wo Dashitara and Houkai Amplifier. both share the same story: both bands released couple of indies CDs, signed with an independant label to release their first mini-album (Under Flower Records for Houkai Amplifier and HIP LAND MUSIC for Boku ga CD wo Dashitara) and ended up working with a major called Ki/oon Records.

Plus, Taniguchi Maguro declared to be a huge fan of Asian Kung-Fu Generation and this can be felt in a few KANA-BOON songs. A few songs are also used for anime and video games opening such as Naruto. Green light was given to add the band onto the site to give you the opportunity to discover them.

New music and hair style

Six months later, on October 2013, KANA-BOON released Doppel, their first album and a year later, January 2015, the second album TIME. Both albums feature new and indie songs.

After listening these two albums, you can clearly spot KANA-BOON music signature: the use of drum's Hi-Hat. This is the very first instrument you will hear along with high tempo, making you dance and party. However, the more you listen to the band, the more you can feel a difference between indies and new songs.

While the song "Worry Hero" is a well composed song in which you can feel the new music/hair style of the band, there is a strong chance to dislike 2015/2016 band's work if, just like me, you liked KANA-BOON early work. The new style is way more commercial/pop with this persistent binary rhythm wanting you to dance.


KANA-BOON new and third album Origin has been released on February 17th 2016 including 12 songs. After listening to Origin, it definitely has no links with their early works and clearly expresses a message: we are not going to make music just like we used to.

In comparison, Asian Kung-Fu Generation third album Fanclub was a totally new one with a new approach, new style, just like KANA-BOON third album Origin. However, in the case of AKFG who tried something new, KANA-BOON released an perfect copy of TIME album without any "indies sounds" songs in it.

There is nothing new in this album, worse, the band is pined down, going round and round in circles. Not a single song from this album is better, new or different than any other song featured in Origin tracklist or in their previous work.

It's raining money. Or not

How can this be explained ? I expected this to happen two years ago with 1.2. step to you song (featured on Doppel), their new style was totally different and since this album release, every songs and albums were produced by Ki/oon Records.

I only managed to find one number about copies sold for a single, Sony isn't communicating the number of copies sold for KANA-BOON discography. Sales should not be going well for a year now and the band has to hold themselves on a style that could fit in a large number of people hears. When you see how many albums were released in such short period of time, we can wonder if KANA-BOON signed to release an album every year, impacting it's quality. In any case, if someone finds some sale numbers, please let me know.


New to KANA-BOON ? Just like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, start with the beginning. Hardcore fan who didn't listen to it and might be angry after reading this article, you will definitely like it. In any case, Origin brings absolutely nothing new and is a shame for such promising band. KANA-BOON is the next Japanese rock scene generation and is already on its last leg.

KANA-BOON - Origin



KANA-BOON is a rock quartet from Osaka formed in 2008 by Taniguchi Maguro, Koizumi Takahiro and Koga Hayato, all three members of their high-school music club. Meshida Yûma, bass player, joined them in 2011. KANA-BOON saw its popularity to rise and quickly reached the flagship band in their region.
On April 8th 2012, KANA-BOON won an audition held by Ki/oon Music and has the priviledge to do the opening act of Asian Kung-Fu Generation concert three weeks later. In 2013, everything sped up, the band starts his indie year and became major the same year. Their first album Doppel is a success and KANA-BOON managed to impose themselves without any difficulties as centrepiece of the new Japanese rock generation.

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