Coast in the Clouds

Coast in the Clouds


What's great with working on sharing what you love the most with others, is you end up embracing a strong diversity of people coming from all over the world with their own traits. At, we didn't had the chance to talk about other AKFG fans projects and works.
Since we officially took this turning point by giving you the possibility to discover new things related to AKFG, please let me introduce you to an USA Californian indie band, Coast in the Clouds.

Coast in the Clouds

To introduce the five artists composing the band, I couldn't find better than what is written on their official site:

Coast in the Clouds is a rock band from San Francisco/San Jose, CA, composed of Allison (vocals), Andrei (guitar, vocals), Andrew (guitar), Erikson (bass), and Dean (drums).  Influenced by various bands (pop rock, punk, emo, metalcore, etc.) from Japan and America, Coast in the Clouds brings a new style of music with both Japanese and English lyrics to audiences of varying musical tastes. Accompanied by high energy performances, Coast in the Clouds aims to make an impact in music all over the world by bridging two of the most popular nations in music.  

Coast in the Clouds have the chance to perfom in Ani-Me POP Summit on June 18, 2016 (sat), this is a great opportunity to them, if you live nearby make sure to attend to their show. They also have more upcoming dates, please refer to the show page for more information.

1st EP Re:Start

The band released their 1st EP called Re:Start on May 31, 2016. This is a direct reference to AKFG Re:Re: and while this EP has such a music variety in its tracklist, we think the song "Nan to Naku" (何となく), having a few Re:Re: sonorities, can easily be a hit, just like Konayuki was. Note the voices were adjusted in the physical edition to be more powerful.

The Ep can be physicaly purchased for 5$ or digitally for 4$. Check out the discography page for more information.

We talked with Andrei (guitar, vocals) and about how Re:Start has been recorded. Ep is fully home made and has been recorded in Andrei bedroom, like any garagebands. It's always nice to see people working on something, doing their best in bad conditions.

With such diversity of interests and traits, the AKFG influence, Nan to Naku song and the wish to break through at least in Japan or the USA, Coast in the Clouds deserve to be closely followed.

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Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The simplicity and normal behaviour make Asian Kung-Fu Generation different from others Japanese bands. Their appearance on television is scarce and they are more concerned about their works than their image. Since the Fukushima's nuclear disaster, Asian Kung-Fu Generation is involved in favour of the definitive nuclear power stations shut down. Despite an agreement made with Ki/oon Records (Sony), the whole Asian Kung-Fu Generation's discography is financed by the band itself, allowing them to be musically independent towards the label.

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