Akfgfragments is back

Akfgfragments is back


After months of hard work on the new update, we finally done giving the site a new direction. We've been through a lot of problems, both private and regarding the site, but we stayed strong and are happy to be back Ajikan fans !


First, I would like to say my deepest thanks to Gregory Guillaumot, the main administrator who did a great job and managed to improve the site as it is today. Then, I would like to thank all the akfgfragments team who keep believing in our work, in the site. I also thank all fans for their patience and continuous support. We didn't give any sign of life elsewhere than on the facebook page.

News: administration

The new akfgfragments.com version features a brand new and more accessible administration panel, we can now add new administrators and can add contents in a durable way. The new administrators are:

  • Nora-nin - France
  • PokéRisson - France
  • Ekun - Mexico
  • Joe_chan - Mexico
  • Chao-chao - France
  • Phil - USA
  • killerhad - France
  • JordanWard - USA
  •  lionxzaj León Sebastian - Argentina
  • Solfasora - France
  • Mischi - Austria
  • Ringo922 - Taiwan
  • Viniruler - Brazil
  • Kbolt23 - USA
  • akfgIreland - Ireland
  • Mirin - France

They also have the responsability to represent the site and the community in their living country.

News: donation

From the beginning of September, we are going to introduce the donor program. Those who wish to help to fund the site and projects (like a Kickstarter), will be able to do it. Only a minimum donation of 5€ will be recquired. You will see yourself granted of a VIP rank and the access to the donators forum for a year. This program is optional, just like the content found in the forum. Useful but optional.

If you can't do any donation, there are other ways to support us. More information can be found on this page.

What remains to be done

Once everything is well set up, we are going to work on adding magazines and books published regarding a band, to add a chronology based on the band discography to have a quick glimpse of the whole band career, and to give the possibility to some developers to join us and add more contents.

Upcoming things and projects

End of July, we are going to publish an announce about the multilingual translation  of The Future Times Magazine project, we will keep publishing the translation of the Gotch recording diary and are going to work on writing a review for Gotch new solo album "Good new Times".

August, we are going to introduce you two fans projects for the band 20th anniversary, the first one is about bringing the band in the USA and the second one is about sending a personnal message to the band via a video.

All of this was long to set up but we managed to do it.
Thanks to all of you for your support and I see you soon with new articles.


Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The simplicity and normal behaviour make Asian Kung-Fu Generation different from others Japanese bands. Their appearance on television is scarce and they are more concerned about their works than their image. Since the Fukushima's nuclear disaster, Asian Kung-Fu Generation is involved in favour of the definitive nuclear power stations shut down. Despite an agreement made with Ki/oon Records (Sony), the whole Asian Kung-Fu Generation's discography is financed by the band itself, allowing them to be musically independent towards the label.

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