Tribute Album: AKG TRIBUTE

Tribute Album: AKG TRIBUTE


The first ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION tribute album has been announced: AKG TRIBUTE. With 13 different artists and the cover art draw by the author of Solanin.

Tribute Album: AKG TRIBUTE

Last January a new album not from our dearest band but from several recognized bands was announced. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band several young artist has reunited to present the very first tribute album for Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

This seems a fully backed up album from the label and band. AKG vocalist Masafumi Gotō looked really pleased in a tweet hearing the OP length Scenario Art version of “Tatami’s Galaxy” opening theme “Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat” 「迷子犬と雨のビート」 which will be featured in this album. Scenario Art’s 「シナリオアート」 drummer Kumiko responded “Thank you very much for hearing our cover for this splendid song! Please hear the full version when it’s completed!.”

Cover Art, There Is Love for Yusuke

The cover art for this album comes from Asano Inio the very same author of the manga Solanin.

Recalling the origin of the single “Solanin”, it was composed for the cinematographic adaptation of Asano Inio’s manga that shares the same name. “Mustang (mix for Meiko)” was used as the credits theme and “Solanin” as a core part of the plot of the movie, though the lyrics were already written in the manga.

A respect for Yusuke Namakura’s creative work can be seen in this cover art featuring a young girl with headphones which cable cord is used as part of the illustration composition. A very nostalgic cover art that I think most of the band fans will appreciate.

Album Details

This cover album will be released on 2017’s March 29th along with the band’s first collector set box “AKG BOX -20th Anniversary Edition-” and the single “Kouya wo Aruke” 「荒野を歩け」, theme song for the incoming movie "Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome" 「夜は短し歩けよ乙女」.

This is the complete information of the cover album released by the staff.


  • First Edition, Limited Edition: Digipack KSCL-2896, ¥2,913 + Taxes

Tracks and artists
1. Solanin - Yonige
2. Mirai no Kakera 「未来の破片」 - 04 Limited Sazabys
3. Re:Re: - Jin 「じん」
4. Natsu no Hi, Zanzou 「夏の日、残像」 - Amazarashi
5. Rewrite - Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei y DJMatsunaga) 「R-指定&DJ松永」
6. Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat 「迷子犬と雨のビート」 - Scenario Art 「シナリオアート」
7. Blackout - LILI LIMIT
8. N.G.S - Yoru no Honki Dance 「夜の本気ダンス」
9. Understand - BLUE ENCOUNT
10. Mustang - Regal Lili 「リーガルリリー」
11. Kimi no Machi Made 「君の待ちまで」 - Never Young Beach
12. Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase - The Chef Cooks Me
13. Kimi to Iu Hana 「君という花」 - KANA-BOON


Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The simplicity and normal behaviour make Asian Kung-Fu Generation different from others Japanese bands. Their appearance on television is scarce and they are more concerned about their works than their image. Since the Fukushima's nuclear disaster, Asian Kung-Fu Generation is involved in favour of the definitive nuclear power stations shut down. Despite an agreement made with Ki/oon Records (Sony), the whole Asian Kung-Fu Generation's discography is financed by the band itself, allowing them to be musically independent towards the label.

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