‘Sol-Fa’ 2016 Reissue Vinyl is coming soon!

‘Sol-Fa’ 2016 Reissue Vinyl is coming soon!


Reissue of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s second album ‘Sol-Fa’ was released in November of 2016, that was a full re-recording of all tracks from the original LP. And our site told about that. One thing needs to be mentioned, usual CD issue and limited CD+DVD (with music video and recording documentary) one were published that day.

So, we’re glad to announce that on 19th April the vinyl issue is going to be released. This issue won’t have anything new—the same twelve tracks in the same order as in the reissue. However, it worth to be mentioned because it’s vinyl.

And if you want to buy it you’ll have to pay 3500 yen + taxes.

Track list:


  1. Shindoukaku (Resonance, 振動覚)
  2. Rewrite (リライト)
  3. Loop & Loop (ループ&ループ)


  1. Kimi no Machi Made (To Your Town, 君の街まで)
  2. My World (マイワールド)
  3. Yoru no Mukou (The Next Night, 夜の向こう)


  1. Last Scene (ラストシーン)
  2. Siren (サイレン)
  3. Re:Re:


  1. 24 ji (Midnight, 24時)
  2. Mayonaka to Mahiru no Yume (Midnight and Daydreams, 真夜中と真昼の夢)
  3. Kaigan Doori (Waterfront, 海岸通り)

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Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The simplicity and normal behaviour make Asian Kung-Fu Generation different from others Japanese bands. Their appearance on television is scarce and they are more concerned about their works than their image. Since the Fukushima's nuclear disaster, Asian Kung-Fu Generation is involved in favour of the definitive nuclear power stations shut down. Despite an agreement made with Ki/oon Records (Sony), the whole Asian Kung-Fu Generation's discography is financed by the band itself, allowing them to be musically independent towards the label.

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