Let's never forget about Fukushima's disaster

Let's never forget about Fukushima's disaster


March 11th 2015 marks the 4th year post Fukushima in Japan. Thousand of people died from the tsunami and more are unaware that they will have the same fate in 10 years, suffering from radiations. Humans died that day, but also more animals than you can think of. Every people from Fukushima are victim of xenophobia everyday. There is also us, you, indirect victims, especially if your country is located just next to the Pacific ocean. Japanese journalists are being reduced to silence through law. That day was and still is a terrible disaster.

Since March 11th 2011, Asian Kung-Fu Generation started to be involved against Nukes, Nuclear power station and energy, and we are proud to support a band who did not hesitate to demonstrate and believe in a better future. My wish, is to manage to bring as many people onto the site, to have a financial income, and that income to be enough for me to donate to any NGO/charity fighting against nuclear power plants and helping the victims. Until that day come, I encourage you to donate if you can. A website has been created for this occasion: http://www.wasurenai.me/

Also, I did check the No Nukes festival incomes, and this is bad. the first year, they managed to gather 100000€ for the victims. 2013 was just awful, they only managed to gather about 10000€, and less in 2014. It's better than nothing, but it's a fact that Japanese people are less and less interesting in the fight against nuclear power station. You can be sure that both JP government and Tepco did an awesome propaganda... Thank you for reading and your support. Akfgfragments.com and the team will never forget.

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