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Changes are coming3080akfgfragments
Новый «Эйдзо Сакусин» вышел в свет!655350Kinoko
New Eizo Sakushin has come out!35170Kinoko
Выход переиздания «Sol-Fa» на виниле!379720Kinoko
‘Sol-Fa’ 2016 Reissue Vinyl is coming soon!62780Kinoko
20 лет группе — три диска в свет!483810Kinoko
20th Anniversary Celebration - Feedback Fans!76980Phil
Sol-Fa 2016 to be released on November 30th227271akfgfragments
Sol-Fa 2016 sort le 30 Novembre 201637740akfgfragments
Diario de una grabación por Gotch - Parte V11780Lionxzaj
Where to find AKFG music videos106240akfgfragments
Gotch recording diary part 5655350Phil
Gotch recording diary part 4655350Phil
The Hiatus00akfgfragments
Scandal -Bonus-30akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation180akfgfragments
Coast in the Clouds77620akfgfragments
AKFG Tournee Mondial Live Report17480akfgfragments
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation interview with Akfgfragments655350akfgfragments
Live Stream at Tokyo International Forum89200akfgfragments
Wonder Future leads us far away362770akfgfragments
Akfgfragments is recruiting30770akfgfragments
Planet of the Apes theme song for Replay and Destroy54230akfgfragments
Easter est sorti23240akfgfragments
Fan reviews of Easter81450BlueTrain
Easter is out173440akfgfragments
You are going to viberate with 8otto95420akfgfragments
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Song analysis Standard122240akfgfragments
A new journey awaits us210830akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation de retour avec Easter69390akfgfragments
Asian Kung-Fu Generation are back with Easter64420akfgfragments
EARTHxHEART live 201314860akfgfragments
Can't Be Forever Young - Letras, Créditos y PVs12160akfgfragments