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AKG European Tour 2019 Hometown

Asian Kung-Fu Generation is coming back to Europe with two dates: London Dingwalls on November 24. Grab your tickets at this address. Paris Backstage by the Mill on November 28. VIP were on sale for 60€ giving you access to early entrance, meet&greet and signed poster, only normal tickets remain available now. We hope you… read more »


                       Cut into you so deeply Now there’s just flowing tears collected into misery My hearts not in this And I can only show my pain by spewing out lies Further beyond that sky, shining, flickering Disappearing when I blink, the image of a relentless day It cut… read more »

Ao no Uta

                       A song from the spring of youth Is the only thing that weakly fills in these cracks It will be more than enough for me Once it reaches you The instant of sadness is tightly bound within my heart But I wonder, does the news that meagerly… read more »


                       Can’t I cure your loneliness, as I am now? Can’t I cure the sadness, as I am now? Can’t I cure your pain, as I am now? And can’t I cure the anguish, as I am now? Just this indefinite peace alone Is a good and comforting… read more »


                       You lower your judgment, abandoning your impulses An emotional argument, packed full of desires In your one step forward, you lower your judgment It’s alright if you don’t worry about your pace Because you’re going to tear things up It’s all boiled down to passions Going round… read more »

Eizo Sakuhin Shu Vol. 15 – Tour 2019: Hometown –

Final of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s Hometown tour on 24. and 25. July 2019, held at the Pacifico in Yokohama, including backstage and reheasel footage. Tracklist 1. Glock Work 2. Hometown 3. Rainbow Flag 4. Kimi no Machi Made 5. Kouya wo Aruke 6. Laika 7. Maigoinu to Ame no Beat 8. UCLA 9. Motor Pool… read more »

Haruka Kanata

                       Gonna floor the gas pedal Playing no games, that’s right Slip through the night Gonna make things right in the end Evening out the balance, that’s right Whittling away the days If I open your heart gently and pull you in firmly My feelings should reach you,… read more »

Seija no March

In the afternoon The sun dried my wet cheeeks and Quietly traced the indefinite contours of theese passionate days   Just by being there I just firmly pull you close Embrace you for no reason Until it all ends   From the hill on the outskirts of town where we accompanied the monochrome funeral procession… read more »

Hajimari no Kisetsu

The sunrise glow forces its way Trough the loose knit fabric of the apartment and burns Today stealthily moves in and Lets out a red colored laugh That was what saved me somehow   I don’t have decades On years left in me Become invisible and drift around the window   Even then, there were… read more »