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Rainbow Flag

Gentiana along the field path in full bloom Violence waiting along the mountain surface On days when morning dew glimmer on the flower petals On mornings when morning rain made it too cold to move   Gentiana violet the field path in full bloom Glorious violet to the solitude of the riverbank Like wind rushing… read more »

AKG European Tour 2019 Hometown

Asian Kung-Fu Generation is coming back to Europe with two dates: London Dingwalls on November 24. Grab your tickets at this address. Paris Backstage by the Mill on November 28. VIP were on sale for 60€ giving you access to early entrance, meet&greet and signed poster, only normal tickets remain available now. We hope you… read more »

Dororo/ Kaihouku

Tracks Dororo Kaihouku Limited Edition [Blu-ray] SPACE SHOWER TV LIVE with YOU @ LIQUIDROOM Senseless Standard Marching Band Siren Seija no March Hometown Kouya wo Aruke Re:Re: Ima wo Ikite Boys & Girls


腹の中で蠢いている 腸食い破って 赤黒くみなぎっている 焼けた皮膚を破るまで 滾る闇の音符に光があって 遠く声を確かめあって 濡れた指先で 撫でるように いつか君に触って 人間の残骸 幻想ダイナマイト 愛の欠乏をなる真似 音は内緒 灰もないがずいぶん 入り込んでいる 焼けた皮膚を破るまで 滾る闇の音符に光があって 遠く声を確かめあって 濡れた指先で 撫でるように いつか君に触って 見せるよ


びて五寸釘で君を呪うくらいなら僕の名をそっと呼んでくれよ 指で何度も頬骨を撫でて 自由の裏路地で悲しみがしたり顔で喚き散らしてコメディのキャストじゃ足りないなら明日 ちょっとだけ顔を貸すよ 笑えなくなっても指で何度も頬骨を撫でて 車道を渡って君が走り出す沿道に立って僕は手を振る次第に姿が小さくなっても 頬をつたって感情が溢れ出す沿道に立って僕は手を振る指で何度も涙を拭ってたんだよ 高層ビル越しの斜陽工場街の雑踏登りつめた先の緩やかな坂道を下る 通り雨の後の草むらの蒸気ズブ濡れの雑誌膨れ上がるイメージ 帰る家のない老人と暗い目をした青年タワーマンションの最上階からバラ撒かれる紙クズ 手垢まみれの貨幣と足跡だらけの地平地名だけが古いままの新しい地図 解放区 フリーダム 笑い出せ走り出せ踊り出せ歌い出そう 解放


Nothing there really is nothing No dreams nor hopes leading up to it Let’s dump the impromtu reality or a surley merchant Into the trash and set it on fire   Want to kick it and confirm love Want to ride you and confirm your voice Both halted engine and brimming batteries Let’s make it… read more »

Glock Work

In the early morning, by the bench at the bus stop “See You“ you said as you waved to him And that was that until today   Can’t really forget Don’t throw a thing away   Like a pendulum On a clock Even if the clock dial eventually peels off When the minute and hour… read more »

Interview for Moshi Moshi Nippon

Great thanks to Moshi Moshi Nippon for letting us upload their interview here. Moshi Moshi Nippon is a multilingual project, which aim is to popularise Japanese culture: music, fashion, anime, food, etc.   ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s (AKFG/Ajikan) upcoming ninth studio album Home Town is their first in three-and-a-half years, and it’s truly a fantastic record…. read more »